Why it’s a good idea for you business to concentrate on Twitter.

1. It works for viral promotions and special offers.

    We are in the golden age of content creation. Now is the time for businesses to concentrate on expanding their reach with social media campaigns. The main source for content is no other than Twitter. The beauty of Twitter is the reduced amount of character space. Reduced character space calls for clever copyright. When done with taste, Twitter is an avenue that can garner fantastic ROI (Return On Investment). The “viral” aspect stems from Twitter’s hashtag bank that will algorithmically reach your desired “type” of customer. Added specification, in terms of audience exposure, should call for specific ad tailoring; including special offers you business take advantage of.

2. It’s great with customer support.

    Nowadays, customer service representatives are a must have in your arsenal to become a leader in your desired profession. Now, their are expensive options to get your customer’s needs met, like installing a personalized messenger feature within your web page, installing a help tab, and having a frequently asked questions page to your site. Ultimately, the frugal route to start with would be to just use your efforts on Twitter, be sure to sponsor your efforts in any and all online platforms so you can assist your customers when needed. It simply works.

3. It helps build relationships with influencers.

    We live in a world where everyone with an internet connection is virtually connected to one another! We have the luxury of contacting our loved ones when we’re away in an instant, or check up on grandma when she is home alone, or even connect with prominent individual in your field of business. The opportunity to connect with whoever is up to you. If you’re selling a product online, look for the people who have a bevy of followers and reach out to say hello, who knows what could happen with these new opportunities.

4. It can expand your customer base.

    If you get anything out of this article then it should be this: HASHTAGS, HASHTAGS, HASHTAGS. Hashtags are the key to specifying who you wish to show your Twitter promotion. With a great marketing plan, you’ll definitely be able to expand your business reach. If you’re selling fresh cat T-shirts, then using the #catlovers would be an ideal move for you. Demographic targeting is easy and simple when you create a hashtag chart to follow. Check out this site to begin a hashtag plan.

5. It enables you to curate user-generated content.

    Increasing your customer base should be priority #1. Now, once that has gone into play, asking them to create content for discounts is the next step. Do you think it’s impossible? Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not at all impossible. I understand we usually see the big corporations have this beautiful option at their disposal and at their disposal only, but it’s becoming more common to set up an promotional add asking customers to come up with great video or graphical content for perks. Of course, the perks will be dependent on the business, but this is something that all product based businesses must tackle in order to reduce overall advertising costs.

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